Phytolite - GX 100 CREE COB


Phytolite – GX 100 CREE COB


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Suitable for small grow boxes, micro applications, germination and cuttings.

Ideal for aromatic and medicinal plants in the kitchen; also suitable for winter maintenance of orchids, cacti and chillies.

Thanks to the special spectrum of Phytolite ‘Vegeta’, this lamp will work and continue to work for years, thanks to the professional construction and materials used.

With Vegeta GX 100 you can continue to germinate seeds and produce cuttings at any time of the year by using it at 18 to 20 hours of light/day.

The ‘Swing’ support accessory will allow you to work very comfortably and adjust the height of the lamp in seconds.

The optional reflector for the GX 100, which can be purchased separately, concentrates the light beam, optimising it and making the most of the electrical energy absorbed.

Additional information

Weight4,7 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 18 cm


Usage information

Recommended area40×40 – 50×50
Power consumption65W
Recommended distance from the top of the plant20/60
Recommended number of plants (dep. size)1 small
HPS equivalent150W
Warranty2 years

Emission information

Efficacy1.52 µmols/s/W
RED/BLUE Full SpectrumFull Spectrum
Beam angle (distribuzione della luce)90°
5 bands full cycle450-470-660-610nm

Technical Information

Fixture weight3.65 Kg
Fixture dimension36.5×17.5×11
Thermal managementActive
Input Voltage120/265V
Aluminium PCB2.0 mm


Shipping contents included

Plug and grow LED1 pcs
Power cable1 pcs
Hangers1 pcs


Additional info

Weight4,7 Kg
Dimensions45 x 30 x 18 cm
UsageFull Cycle

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