CREE Naked COB 60W


CREE Naked COB 60W


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Complete set including all plug & grow components: COB, heat sink, fan, power supply and hooks. High-quality US CREE LED components provide high PAR emissions. Good thermal management, warm to the touch, low noise.    

Manufactured by Phytolite with XTE CREE LEDs.
It can be used both as a primary light source and as a side/supplementary light for less exposed spots in grow boxes or larger grow rooms.

Additional information

Weight 0,73 kg
Dimensions 26 × 11 × 12 cm

Usage information

Spectrum Full Cycle / Vegetative
Recommended area full cycle 40×40 max 50×50
Recommended area vegetative 60×60 max 70×70
Power consumed 60w
Recommended dist. plant top 40cm
Sugg. N. Plants (dep. size) 1
Hps equivalent 150w
Warranty 2 year

Emission information

PPFD readings at 45 cm (center with 60° lens) 446
PPFD readings at 90 cm (center with 60° lens) 92
Spectrum 3000k
Beam angle 60°
Optional beam angle 90° / 120°
Optics Glass lens 97% transmittance

Technical Information

Total number of LED on COB 18 pcs
LED Brand and type CREE XTE 5W
Cooling Active fan 80x80mm silent
Voltage 3AC 100V 2265V/50-60Hz
Input current 0.6 0.23A
Power consumed 60w
Lifetime 50.000 hrs
Operation temperature -10°/45°

Shipping contents included

COB 1 pcs
Power supply 1 pcs
Power cable 1 pcs
Hangers 1 pcs

Additional info

Weight 0,73 Kg
Dimensions 26 x 11 x 12 cm
Type COB
Budget Economic
Usage Full Cycle | Micro

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