Phytolite - Germination and cuttings station Clorofilla 80


Phytolite – Germination and cuttings station Clorofilla 80


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The set includes the Clorofilla 080 and the ‘Swing’ stand that allows the lamp to be positioned over cuttings or germinating seeds, adjusting the height quickly and easily with a wide choice of distances.

Ideal for germinating and rooting cuttings, it is also well suited to the maintenance of aromatic and medicinal plants. Combined with a heated mini greenhouse, it is an excellent nursery for germinating seeds or for rooting even in winter and in unheated rooms.

Your chilli plants will also be able to bear fruit at unexpected times. Even your cactus and orchids will enjoy a particularly ‘active’ winter with this set.

The germination and cuttings station includes

Risorsa 2Clorofilla

Clorofilla 80 or NX

Swing holder

Additional information

Weight16 kg

Additional info

Weight16 Kg
UsageSeedlings and germination

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