Warranty terms

The manufacturer's warranty lasts 12 months and can be extended by registering the purchase on the site. Each product has its specific guarantee and extension. Discharge and CFL lamps are not eligible for the warranty extension. Exclusions:
The warranty applies only to products with manufacturing defects.
The following cases are therefore excluded from the guarantee:
Wrong or improper use
Shock, oxidation, tampering, exposure to aggressive or high humidity agents.
Repairs attempted by unauthorized personnel.
Products with cracked or cracked glass parts will not be accepted in return even if the damage occurs during transportation from the customer to the manufacturer, including in cases where the manufacturer's carrier was used.  In no case will replacements occur unless consequently checked by our authorized personnel.
Each defective product must be previously analyzed by the technical service of the manufacturer who will have the right to decide whether to replace or repair the product at his sole discretion.

Register your purchase to extend warranty

You can register your purchase by simply clicking the button below to send us an email with the following data:

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  • City (required)

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  • LED product (required)

  • Invoice or equivalent document (required)

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RMA request: how to return a product

To return a products: log in your account, go on the sale order and click on the corresponding button

If you do not know the sale order or you can not pog in your account contact us by email at:  info@phytolite.com

Please do not return product without a prior contact. Phytolite warehouse and technical support may reject unknown packages