Resina Q-Bar 250

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     2,9 µmols/joule Samsung LM301H - Osram ssl80  

            Informazioni di utilizzo
            Channel 1 veg. stage, cloning, seedling
            0-118WRecommended dist. from plant top15/50 cm
            Channel 2 Bloom (veg & bloom ch. on)
            0-120WSugg. N. Plants (min/max dep. From size)2/9
            Channel 3 (UV)
            0-12WHPS equivalent400W
            Recommended area
            1mt x 1mtWarranty years
            Informazioni tecniche
            2,9 µmols/jouleBeam angle (light distribution)120°
            Photosyntetic Photons Flux: (400-700nm)
            Full SpectrumThermal managementPassive
            Power consumed
            250WMax Ambient temperature35° / 95°F
            Led Brand
            Samsung LM301H, OsramPower factor>95%
            Fixture dimension
            54x54x11 cmInput Voltage100/270V
            Manual/RJ11 ctrlWarranty3 years
            Materiali inclusi nella confezione
            Plug and grow LED bars
            Power supply with 3 channel dimming unit
            Rope ratchets hangers (2 couples)
            Electric power cable
            RJ 11 cable (to connect with optional remote control)