Resina NX2 100

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    Resina NX2 Line

    Resina NX2, the “entry level” line from Phytolite.

    It combines good performance, robustness and longevity at an aggressive price. The red / blue spectrum has been proven for years for good performance in grow boxes across Europe. In the vegetative phase your plants will appear particularly flat and internodes very close together. This is because the blue radiations of Resina NX2 spectrum are abundant and give the plant a “crushed” appearance. Starting from the third week your plants will begin to take on an aspect similar to that of plants under HPS. Flowering is abundant, the heat developed contained. Strong, long lasting and econimic both in price and power consumption.

    • Good PPFD emission values

    • Red/blue Spectrum.

    • Full Cycle: from germination to flowering

    • 5 Bands

    • Industrial quality: impact-resistant steel case

    • 90° beam angle lenses for optimal penetration


    Recommended area40x40 – 50x50
    Power consumed65W
    Recommended dist. plant top20/60
    Sugg. N. Plants (dep. size)1 small
    HPS equivalent150W
    Warranty2 years
    Emission information
    Efficacy1.58 µmols/s/W
    Spectrum RED/BLUEFull Spectrum
    Beam angle (light distribution)90°
    5 bands full cycle450-470-660-630-610 nm
    Fixture weight2,6 Kg
    Fixture dimension22×14x39cm
    Thermal managementActive
    Input Voltage120/265V
    Aluminium PCB2.0 mm
    Plug and grow LED
    Power cable
    hanging system