GX 100 Vegeta germinazione e talee

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    Phytolite Seeds Station è un sistema di illuminazione a LED specificamente progettato per la germinazione dei semi e la propagazione delle talee. Unico nel suo genere, assicura la germinazione e una prima fase vegetativa rigogliosa, sana ed efficace.

    Realizzato in robusto acciaio verniciato a fuoco costituisce una perfetta base di coltivazione, anche grazie al braccio di sostegno regolabile in altezza e profondità. Progettato e realizzato per ospitare i modelli GX100 e Clorofilla 80, conferisce al sistema la massima stabilità e semplicità di utilizzo. Nella seeds station è incluso un GX 100 in versione vegetativa, un supporto Swing ed un roiflettore per GX 100, che aumenta notevolmente l'efficienza luminosa della lampada concentrando il fascio luminoso e limitando la dispersione laterale.

    Il GX Vegeta è equipaggiato con 2 moduli a 3 bande di colore di frequenza ottimale per la fase vegetativa della pianta.


        GX 100 Vegeta

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    Seeds Station: installazione e test report di un cliente:

    My name is Adrian and I am a grower. Not just a supergrower but... It is nowabout 3 years I am growing in house. Actually I have a 120x120 grow box occupied by some healty plants. While waiting to finish the cycle I would like to start new seeds, just to do not lose time! I decided to try Phytolite "Seeds Station". The aim is to save time and have the seedlings already germinated for a couple of weeks when the grow box will be free. Here my test report:

    Here the list of components I used for this test

    1. Light: Phytolite Seeds Station:

    2. Soil: Plagron Grow mix with perlite

    3. Seeds: Amnesis k, Muneca rusa, Kritical-k

    4. housing: Heated mini-greenhouse "Stewart" 52x40 22 Watts

    5. Pots: 7x7x9, 20 pieces

    FIRST WEEK, 02/25/2019

    I setted up the system, GX 100 mounted on Swing Support, but not the reflector, just to start quickly. As I turned it on, I realized, however, that having put it in the kitchen and wanting to keep it on for 20 hours/day, the strong blue light hurts my eyes. So I had to mount the reflector, which concentrates the beam and limits lateral dispersion.


    Light: 20 hours / day.

    The reflector is now on and it works well. Light is not getting around, just stay on the right spot, were Pots are standing. 20 seeds are now sleeping in 20 small pots.

    The first bud appears (3 days). It looks healthy. After a few hours he already has the leaves! I observe it in natural light and it already has a beautiful green color. Everything seems fine. The interior of the mini-greenhouse is wet. I open the ventilation holes a little. I spray water but I switch off light during the nebulization, and let off for an hour after to avoid possible burns of the tender small leaves.

    They recommended an 18 hour / day cycle for germination but I want to try and leave it 20 hours/day.


    Wow! What a joy, the buds are already ten now, but I notice that some do not seem in excellent shape.

    Also true that the seeds I am using are old. I had them for a year and I didn't keep them as I should have. Some shoots seem a little dehydrated. The earth has dried out enough and the transparent interior of the mini-greenhouse is no longer full of droplets but almost dry. Maybe I hurt to open the vents! I decide to close them again, I don't want the shoots to dry out. For now none of them are "racy" at all. Everyone has good proportions. It is a joy to see how they sprout. As you can see from the photos, they all have a nice green color.


    This morning there are 16 sprouted seeds! I believe the remaining 4 will not sprout. I used seeds that were too old and that had not been stored in temperatures. They spent a summer in the pantry, in the heat. All in all, I don't think I can complain.

    Otherwise everything seems fine. Yesterday I removed the transparent mini-greenhouse to get air. I took some photos both with the LED on and off, to show you the beautiful green of the leaves.


    I did the weekend away from home. I abundantly watered and left half a centimeter of water on the bottom of the mini-greenhouse. On my return, I found 18 seedlings on Monday morning. In the end almost all of them sprouted, despite the seeds had suffered and were quite old. The seedlings are healthy. The largest is now 6 centimeters high. Green coloring. Everything is going well for now. Sometimes I take the lid off and let some air in.



    Everything good. They grow. The tallest today is 6.5 cm! Half a centimeter in one day. But it is no longer at great distance from the others. They too have grown and are almost the same height. I decide 2 things: first. I throw the 2 jars that contain the seeds that have not germinated. I would say it is late now. 2 I remove the transparent plastic cover from the mini-greenhouse, I will water more often, due to the increased evaporation, but the plants will have more light, as the cover is always covered with condensation which I believe stops some of the light. I want to see how they go without.


    I left the station alone for a couple of days. Poured plenty of water to the bottom of the mini-greenhouse. Removed the lid for greater ventilation. All right apart from a few seedlings that show yellow spots I think almost certainly due to water droplets that I inadvertently dropped on the leaves and that have made "slow". Other than that the seedlings are really healthy and strong. The light is absolutely more than enough. As soon as my main grow box is free and I will finish the cycle (in a few days) I will move them.


    Leave the seedlings alone for another 4 days, I find them very robust and very grown, more than in height in width. What I know is that with blue light they are growing without spinning in the slightest, they are short, stubby and robust. The ones ahead already have 3 internodes. I took photos today that show robustness and vigor. Not all of them, some are always a little shabby, but I'd say it's a genetic issue, because the majority are very healthy.


    We have come to an end. Today I take some pictures and then move the best ones into the grow box!

    All in all the germination went very well. I find myself with 18 very healthy seedlings with internodes at the right distance and with a splendid green / healthy complexion. My opinion is that this seeds station works really well