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CMH Lamps

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamps work better with Square Wave Technology ballasts. Higher emissions and longer life with less decay of emission in time. This bulbs usually came with a optimal blend of gasses in ceramic arc tubes, producing a full-spectrum white light with a color-rendering index (CRI) between 90-93 (sunlight has a CRI of 100 and an HPS lamp is about a 26).

CMH lamps are available in a full-spectrum, 30/3100 K version and in a high-blue spectrum, 4,200 K version that is better for vegetative plants. A 315W CMH can easily replace a regular HPS 400W offering same or higher emissions and longer life. If used with a Square Wave electronic ballast a 315W CMH can emit even more PAR than an HPS, offering an interesting Price/emission/energy use balance.

The lamps offer also longer lifet with two-year, 20,000-hour replacement recommendation. CMHs produce more light per watt than single-ended HID lamps. Replacement of your older single-ended HID light systems, will lower your electrical bill and the overall heat-load in your garden while maintaining the same light intensity at the plant canopy.

315W LEC CMH Bulb 3090K 33000 lm
89,99 € 89,99 € 89.99 EUR