Naked COBs

A line of products with low cost and performance suitable for small grow boxes, cutting, germination or auxiliary and supplementary lighting in large grow boxes or grow rooms. To illuminate corners and areas not perfectly reached by the main light source. Some of these products also have the possibility of replacing the lenses with different angles from those supplied, to also adapt to applications of vegetative, SEA of Green and other techniques that involve controlling the development of plants aimed at containing or adapting their size and the morphology. Active or passive cooling, depending on the products. Aluminum heatsink. Made with diodes and COBs from the American CREE. The box includes power supplies, heat sinks, electrical connection cables and suspension cables.

Cree 3590 60W COB Passive
96.00 € 96.00 € 96.0 EUR
CREE Naked COB 60W
99.89 € 99.89 € 99.89 EUR
CREE Naked COB 120W
165.01 € 165.01 € 165.01 EUR
Cree Naked COB optional lens 120°
9.60 € 9.60 € 9.6 EUR
Cree Naked COB optional lens 90°
9.60 € 9.60 € 9.6 EUR