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Clorofilla Pro

A professional line of LED lamps for high-end indoor cultivation, which offers high production yields and is particularly suitable for commercial manufacturer of legal and therapeutic Cannabis

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Resina NX2

There's no need to buy an unknown brand product at all to preserve your budget. Resina NX2 is an entry level line of professional quality at an affordable price. Ideal for the home grower who has a budget at...

New professional Resina Q-Bar line

Exclusive features:

UV dimmable INDIPENDENT channel

Integrated reflector to optimize the light beam

Vegetative channel. Bloom channel. UV Channel

3 selectable distinct mixable channels to meet all needs.

A vegetative channel, to be used individually in the first weeks after germination. A flowering channel, to be used in conjunction with the vegetative one. A UV channel to increase the defense reactions of the plant which can translate into increased production of active ingredients. Resina Q-Bar is a professional line of high quality indoor and greenhouse lighting products. Very easy to assemble, each bar is inserted with a simple gesture in the central body, containing the power supply and the dimming board. Extremely robust and compact with passive cooling (without internal ventilation)

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Resina Micro & Q-Boards Line

PhytoLED Q-Board is a line of professional products for indoor horticulture and greenhouse designed by Phytolite and made with quality components and proven efficiency. The SMD technology, the Samsung red 300K and 660nm LEDchips, the combined UV and IR radiation, offer a complete spectrum: from vegetative to flowering. Dimmable power supply functions are offered in the high-level products of the range, while the non-dimmable and cheaper cards, for beginners and / or small applications, are offered in the PhytoLED “Micro” M-Board versions. Passive cooling, silent operation, aluminum frame, ultra slim design are some of the technical features of this line. Explore the models and find the most suitable product for your grow room.

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Naked COBs

Here you can find original solutions and products, engineered by Phytolite for those customers who, attentive to the budget, do not want to give up the quality of the components. Do-it-yourself products and kits to assemble. Very useful products in the case of small cultivation areas or to illuminate the parts of the grow box or grow room that are less radiated from the main source. Starting from a few Watts up to medium powers. Choose your solution without giving up the quality guarantee of one of the best known manufacturers of technical horticultural lamps on the European market

GX Line

One of the best-selling LED lines for cultivation in Europe. Based on an "open source" philosophy. LED modules are interchangeable for spectrum and technology upgrades. Here you can find parts, accessories and upgrades               

NX Line

Our oldest line, now discontinued and replaced by the more efficient and economical "Resina NX2" line. We continue to support customers with accessories and spare parts.