Table Support Swing *for GX100 and Clorofilla 80
9 August 2017
GX100 Full Cycle
9 August 2017

Seeds Station


PhytoLED Quantum GX 100 Vegetative + PhytoLEDs Table Support Swing = SEEDS STATION

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The PhytoLEDs GX100 Vegetative SEEDS STATION is a LED Based lighting system specifically designed for germination. One of a kind it ensures a blooming germination and a healthy and effective first vegetative growth.
Coupled with a support arm whose height and depth can be adjusted, the baked-enamel tempered steel SWING structure makes for a perfect plant-growing basis. Designed and built to exclusively accommodate PhytoLED GX100 Quantum Professional model, the structure gives maximum stability and ease of use to the system.

The base of the SEEDS STATION lies on four adjustable supports raised several centimetres offering an important surface amplitude, which is perfectly radiated by the light of the LEDs.

Just like the other models of the PhytoLEDs GX Quantum Professional line, this version with standard Vegetative PHT201 modules can be equipped with “PAR Optimizer Carter” device. This easy to install accessory increases PhytoLEDs’ luminous efficiency by focusing the light beam and prevents its lateral dispersion.

The PhytoLED GX100 Vegetative comes equipped of 3-colour bands spectrum with wavelengths belonging to a specific range portion for the absorption of chlorophyll A and B.

The SEEDS STATION lighting system has 90 deg. optical lenses mounted as standard equipment and 120 deg. replaceable lenses inside of the packaging, these offers an adjustable radiation beam angle depending on needs.

The PhytoLEDs GX100 SEEDS STATION components can be purchased separately or as a complete package.

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