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RESINA nx2 200
22 November 2018
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22 November 2018
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RESINA nx2 300


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Indicated in cultivation areas of sizes from 80×100 to 90×110. Spectrum red / Blue. In the vegetative phase your plants will appear particularly low and the internodes very close together. This is because the blue radiations of the red / blue form of Phytolite are particularly abundant and give the plant a “crushed” appearance. Starting from the third week your plants will begin to take on an aspect similar to that of plants under HPS. Flowering is abundant, the heat developed contained.

  • Good PPFD emission values
  • Spectrum red / blue
  • Full Cycle: from germination to flowering
  • 5 Bands
  • Industrial quality: impact-resistant steel case
  • Optimal 90° lens penetration


Nominal power 288W
Real power 192W
LED Chip Power 3W
LED Q.ty 96
Sugg. area from 80×100 to 90x110cm
Dimension 54×14x39cm
NW. 5.18 Kg


Engineered and Assembled Engineered in Switzerland
Brand LEDs Epileds
LEDs module Watts (±34W)/Module
Led Expected Life Span 50.000 hrs.
Power factor >95
AC input voltage 220 V AC
PCB Aluminium 2.0mm
Aluminium Cooler 100x100mm
Optics 90°
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Warranty 2 years (spare parts available at EU support locations)
Certification CE, ROHS
Carton 2pcs/Carton
Size of Carton 56x16x41cm
GW/Carton 12.5Kg
Color Blend Full Cycle

Color Blend Full Cycle

Deep Red 660nm x36
Red 630nm x24
Light Red 610nm x12
Blue 470nm x18
Deep Blue 450nm x6




Certification 1 2 3

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