Phytolite HPS Bloom Spectrum 400W
17 August 2017
Phytolite HPS Grow-Bloom Extreme 250W
17 August 2017

Phytolite HPS Bloom Spectrum 600W

These are bulbs optimized for the flowering stage of plants and they guarantee a lush flower making.

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Product Description

Our High intensity discharge lamps are specifically created for indoor cultivation and they offer high photosynthetic efficiency togheter with an excellent value price/performances.

Bloom Spectrum: Flowering Phase (HPS)
Designed for those who want to contain their budget without giving up a good luminous efficiency, albeit lower than that offered by the Extreme line. 
These are bulbs optimized for the flowering stage of plants.

Why Bloom Spectrum?

  • Higher luminous efficiency;
  • Extended service life;
  • Extremely lush flowering;
  • Excellent relationship between quality, performance and price;
  • Light emission richer and more homogeneous;
  • SLP technology to decrease the rate of early failures.

Electrical data

Voltage 110V
Current 6.2A
Wattage 600W
Warm-UP I  3-5min

Photometric/Color/Life data

Lumen Flux  75000 lm
Lm/W  125
Tc  2000
Ra  23
Average Life  24000h

 Lamp dimension

 Base  E40
 Bulb  TU
 MOL  310mm
Diameter 46mm
Light center 170mm
PCA lenght 162

Packing dimension

Length 430mm
Width 280mm
Height 350mm
Volume 0,042mm