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21 August 2017
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21 August 2017

Orchid Station


PhytoLED Quantum GX 100 Real Vision + PhytoLEDs Table Support Swing = Orchids Station

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PhytoLEDs Orchid Station originates from the desire to create a single tool that is able to meet multiple needs while ensuring great flexibility. This Station is specifically designed for the conservation of orchids, the germination and propagation of plant cuttings and the conservation of mother plants for professional use.

A very robust yet extremely versatile indoor farming LED system, specifically designed for the conservation of orchids, as well as other types of crops.

Our Orchid Station allows you to create a small, indoor vegetable garden where you can grow any type of crops in pots or in small hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

Our Station’s GX 100 Led and its ‘swing’ support will provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of Orchids, Cacti, Carnivorous plants and chilli peppers.

Coupled with a support arm whose height and depth can be adjusted, the baked-enamel tempered steel ‘SWING’ structure makes for a perfect plant-growing basis. The arm supports PhytoLED GX100 Pro Full Cycle, Vegetative and Real Vision (for a natural perception of colors) versions.

With just a few simple moves, you will be able to install the ‘PAR Optimizer Carter’ device, which significantly increases PhytoLEDs’ luminous efficiency by focusing the light beam and preventing its lateral dispersion.

Orchid Station components can be purchased separately or as a complete package by choosing the PhytoLED GX100 version that best suits your needs.



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