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RESINA nx2 400
22 November 2018
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28 November 2018

nx2 Module COB 30W Full Cycle (White: CREE XBD) *Upgrade!



CREE XTE COB 30W upgrade for the NX2 Resin line
By replacing the module on your NX2 with this CREE COB XTE you will have an increase of about 50% of PAR emissions compared to those issued by the traditional module. The spectrum of this COB is “White” or “full Spectrum” and is suitable for the complete cycle of the plant. You can change all or even just some of the modules. Easy to replace simply by unscrewing the 4 screws that stop the module and disconnecting a connector. The warranty does not exipre.


The Resin NX2 line is marketed exclusively with standard 16x3W modules. We do not sell this line with the COB modules because it makes more sense then, opt for the new “Linfa” line that already offers COB and 3W auxiliaries on board at a competitive price.

Do you want to replace your modules with the new COBs?
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± 50% increase in PPFD emissions!



Power Consumption 28 W
Total Number of LED’s 12PCS
Spectrum/Color Ratio 3000K-10PCS, 395nm-1PCS, 730nm-1PCS
Light Source CREE-XTE
Secondary Lens 60 Degrees
Storage Temp. 0°C ~ 40°C
Operation Temp. -10°C ~ 45°C
Life Span Over 50,000hr




Certificates 1 2 3

Tech Sheet PDF

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