Resina NX2 is the professional evolution of the “round” type “Apollo” or “Apollo plus” concept with 15 LEDs each module.
A professional cutting product drastically different than the super-cheap products offered at bargain prices on Ebay and Amazon.


In the module of this line we have added an extra 3W LED for a total of 16 LEDs, thus lowering the temperature and slightly increasing the PAR emissions, compared to the old NX Apollo plus with a round module.
Not 15 but 16 LEDs, a technical improvement that extends the life of the system by lowering its operating temperature. The result is a stable temperature ALSO IN VERY HOT GROW BOXES, longer life for LED chips and PAR emissions increased in a unique design that offers quality over time and the possibility to replace modules in a simple way with future Upgrades. The heat sink has also been improved by increasing its thickness.

2-year warranty and European assistance at the Phytolite technical centers

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