Clorofilla family

These LEDs lamps have been designed specifically for Indoor cultivation and reinforce the emission of COBs with additional OSRAM RED/BLUE RADIATION. Clorofilla is available in various sizes, suitable for lighting indoor plants from the growroom to the greenhouse, for hydroponic or traditional cultivation. These LED lamps are among the most popular products and certainly one of the best LEDs for cultivation on the current market. Suitable for all plant phases. High PAR output, White light + specific Red/Blue, 3 Channels White+Red/blue, Industrial quality.

DOUBLE BEAM ANGLE: 60° lenses (high penetration) 115 ° without lenses (SEA of GREEN, Clones, SCROG and small plants)

The Clorofilla module for plant cultivation with LEDs uses 1 cob with internal reflector and 60 ° secondary lenses. The easily removable lenses allow growers to get a wider angle of the useful beam. 12 leds are positioned around the COB module. 2 different channels can be used separately or together depending from plant stage. Durable metal case (industrial quality). Aluminum heat sink and adequate ventilation allow growers to use Clorofilla even in high temperature environments. LED technology by leading manufacturers worldwide offer an exceptional Watt / PAR value. 5 years warranty

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