Suitable for all phases of the plant
WHigh PAR emission
White light + Red / Blue specific
3 Channels
White + Red / blue
Industrial quality
60 ° lenses (high penetration)

Without 115 ° lenses (SEA of GREEN, Clones, SCROG and small plants)
The Clorofilla module uses 1 CREE CXB 3070 with internal reflector and 60 ° secondary lenses. The easily removable lenses allow growers to obtain a wider useful beam angle. 12 Osram SSL80s are positioned around the COB module. The 2 different channels can be used separately or jointly. Durable metal case (industrial quality). Aluminum heat sink of generous size and adequate ventilation allow growers to use Clorofilla even in high temperature environments.
The technology offered by two leading manufacturers worldwide, allows the Clorofilla line to offer an exceptional Watt / PAR value.

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