Our High intensity discharge lamps are specifically created for indoor cultivation and they offer high photosynthetic efficiency togheter with an excellent value price/performances. GROW-BLOOM EXTREME: FULL CYCLE (HPS) Indicated for advanced users who want to get maximum performance combined with a normal use of power. These bulbs can be profitably used during the entire life cycle of the plant. BLOOM SPECTRUM: FLOWERING PHASE (HPS) Designed for those who want to contain their budget without giving up a good luminous efficiency, albeit lower than that offered by the Extreme line. These are bulbs optimized for the flowering stage of plants. GROW SPECTRUM: VEGETATIVE PHASE (MH) Metal halide lamps are part of the high-intensity discharge (HID) kind of grow lights. They produce high light output, with a reasonable consumption of energy. MH lamps are definitely a compact, powerful, and efficient light source suitable for the plant’s growing stage. *Our Phytolite MH bulbs can be used with HPS ballasts.
Electrical data

Product descriptionVoltageCurrentWattageWarm-ip I
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 250W100V3A250W3.5min
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 400W100V4.6A400W3.5min
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 600W110V6.2A600W3.5min
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 250W100V3A250W3.5min
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 400W100V4.6A400W3.5min
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 600W110V6.2A600W3.5min
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 250W100V3A250W3.5min
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 400W100V4.6A400W3.5min
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 600W110V6.2A600W3.5min
Photometric/Color/Life data

Product descriptionLumen FluxLm/WTcRaAverage Life
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 250W320001282000K2324000h
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 400W55000137.502000K2324000h
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 600W900001502000K2324000h
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 250W280001122000K2324000h
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 400W48500121.252000K2324000h
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 600W750001252000K2324000h
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 250W20000806000K658000h
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 400W30000756000K658000h
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 600W50000836000K658000h
Lamp Dimension

Product descriptionBaseBulbMOLDiameterLight centerPCA Lenght
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 250WE40TU257mm46mm158mm92,2mm
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 400WE40TU283mm46mm175mm117,2mm
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 600WE40TU310mm46mm183mm162mm
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 250WE40TU257mm46mm133mm92,2mm
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 400WE40TU283mm46mm175mm117,2mm
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 600WE40TU310mm46mm170mm162mm
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 250WE40TU257mm63mm154mm74mm
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 400WE40TU290mm63mm175mm88mm
Phytolite Grow Spectrum 600WE40TU290mm63mm175mm106mm
Packing Dimension

Product descriptionLenghtWidthHeightVolume
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 250W430mm280mm295mm0,036 m3
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 400W430mm280mm330mm0,040 m3
Phytolite Grow-Bloom Extreme 600W430mm280mm350mm0,042 m3
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 250W430mm280mm295mm0,036 m3
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 400W430mm280mm330mm0,040 m3
Phytolite Bloom Spectrum 600W430mm280mm350mm0,042 m3