Phytolite - Clorofilla 165


Phytolite - Clorofilla 165


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Full Cycle, from germination to flowering  

High penetration: the special feature of this line is that it mounts secondary lenses with a 60° beam angle that concentrate the beam, allowing it to reach even the underside of medium to large plants. If you are used to using HPS lamps, you will do particularly well. Be careful! Lenses can be removed

Additional information

Weight 4,6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 27 × 15 cm

Usage information

HPS equivalent 350W
Min Grow Area cm 80×80
Max Grow Area cm 100×100
Max Grow Area clustering 120×100
Real Power Absorbed (Watts) 165
Min distance from plants top without lenses 30
Min distance from plants top with lenses 40
Cycle Full Cycle (Vegetative & Flowering)
Spectrum Full Spectrum “white” COB + Optimized RED/BLUE ring
Suggested Number of Plants (small) 6
Suggested Number of Plants (medium) 3
Suggested Number of Plants (large) 1
Warranty 5 Years (when registered)

Technical Specifications

COB Watts 50W/pz.
LEDs module Watts Surround LEDs (30W)/Module
Power factor >96%
AC input voltage AC100V~265V/50-60Hz
Controller Dual Switch, CH1: COB; CH2: Surround LEDs
Optics High borosilicate glass / PMMA
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Warranty Full 2 years warranty (+3 after registration)
Certification CE, ROHS

Radiation readings


Real power 165 W
COB 2 pz.
3W LEDs 12 pz.
Sugg. area 100×120 cm / 120×150 cm
Dimension 40x20x7,5 cm
NW 3,7 Kg
Daisy chain 5 max

Light Spectrum

Deep Red 660nm x10
Red 630nm x18
Hyper Red 730nm x2
White 6500K x4
Deep Blue 450nm x2
COB White CREE 3000K x2

Additional info

Weight 4,6 Kg
Dimensions 38 x 27 x 15 cm
Type COB
Budget Professional
Usage Full Cycle

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